CRM Simplified Recording

Did you miss our clinic with Colin Nee with Copper? Check out the recording here!

During the clinic, Colin shares how easy it is to manage your contact’s data within your Google Workspace. You can simply open up an email and get right to tagging and classifying contacts, use templates to quickly make personalized emails, set up sequences, and more. If you report to a board, it is easy to generate reports and see progress on deals. This CRM is one of the easiest CRMs out there that we’ve seen. Copper is used by over 30,000 companies like Mailchimp, Swell, Clio, but is also recommended for smaller organizations as it has a white glove service for all customers, regardless of size. Learn more and get a free trial of Copper.

Questions for Colin/Copper? Reach out to him at: cnee[at]